Sunday, April 25, 2010

Id section

Friday 21st May - Back garden

Thursday 20th May, Ampthill Park: Tiny white micro.

Wednesday 20th May, Ampthill Park: Aethes smeathmanniana (947)???

Tuesday 18th May - Unknown Weevil at Jone's Pit.
Confirmed: Cionus scrophulariae (L.). Wilf, our Weevil Recorder comments, 'There are 6 Cionus species found in Britain; an attractive and fairly distinctive genus. Four species are particularly associated with figworts (Scrophularia spp.), including this one as you can tell by the name. It is widely distributed and fairly common, sometimes also occurring on Buddleia.'

14th May 2010 - A few bugs for id: found whilst surveying for hoverflies at Duck End this morning.

This was on hemp agrimony. CONFIRMED AS Harpocera thoracica by B.Nau.

This is one weird beastie! CONFIRMED AS: Miris striatus nymph by B.Nau.

I think this is a young Troilus luridus? CONFIRMED AS: Elasmucha grisea (Parent Bug) by S.Brooke.

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