Thursday, September 2, 2010


This morning, I met up with Katharine from the Wildlife Trust and we conducted a Water Vole survey in the Potton area. It was great to be able to confirm the presence of these special creatures. Other highlights were a Pike in the stream, and the presence of fresh Otter spraint on a rock.

We found a number of these small piles, consisting of lengths of the surrounding vegetation. This photo could, conceivably, be the work of a Field Vole, which engages in similar behaviour, but in many of the feeding areas the vegetation was much larger and coarser, indicative of Water Voles.

Droppings are a giveaway, though we didn't find any obvious built-up 'latrines' that are typical of Water Voles and used to scent-mark territories.

And here's a hole that's obviously well-used. Other holes were seen below the waterline.

Nearer home, this Grey Squirrel had a soft spot for blackberries!

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