Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Stoke Poges Memorial Gardens (25/10/21)

I really enjoyed this foray - a wonderful site bathed in bright late October sunshine.

Cyathus striatus (Fluted Bird's Nest)

Boletus edulis (Penny-bun/Cep)

Psilocybe cyanascens (Wavy Cap/Blueleg Brownie) - terrible photo!

Marasmiellus/Gymnopus villosipes - found here and at a few other sites new to the UK a few years ago.

Hygrocybe reidii (Honey Waxcap)

Mycena aetites (Drab Bonnet) - a Mycena sp. found in grassland and smelling of bleach. And, for the record, I think that it's actually pretty smart!

Hygrocybe chlorophana (Golden Waxcap)

Hygrocybe irrigata (Slimy Waxcap)

Amanita muscaria (Fly Agaric) - surprisingly found under Beech rather than the usual Silver Birch!

Hygrocybe psitticina (Parrot Waxcap)

Macrocystidia cucumis (Cucumber Cap) - the second photo shows the big 'sharp' macrocystidia!

Cortinarius hemitrichus (Frosty Webcap)

Lycoperdon perlatum

Geastrum triplex (Collared Earthstar)

We wandered into the churchyard next door where Penny had found a number of interesting fungi in the past. I spotted a small coral fungus poking up between the grass blades and passed it on to Penny to examine later. It's a shame that I didn't get a photo of it as it turned out to be the rare Ramariopsis tenuiramosa, the second Bucks record following the discovery of the Type species by the notable E.H. Corner back in September 1924 at High Wycombe.

This is the Waxcap that Penny had been hoping to find - a species that may be new to the UK, probably Gliophorus sciophanus or G. europerplexus.

Hygrocybe cerasea (Butter Waxcap)

Infundibulicybe gibba (Common Funnel) & Clitocybe odora (Aniseed Funnel) found under Yew.

Agaricus impudicus (Tufted Wood Mushroom) - found as we walked back to the cars.

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