Friday, February 17, 2012

Encouraging Foxes & Badgers into the back garden (Part 1)

This is our home. We’re very fortunate in getting larger mammals passing by at night but I’d like to get even better views by trying to entice them into the back garden where the security light on the shed should make them easier to see and, lacking passing cars & late-night dog walkers, they should learn to feel a bit more settled.
This is the corner of the fence that you can see right next to the house. There was already a small gap, but I’ve widened it to make it a bit easier to access the back.
This is the gap looking from the other side. You’ll notice that I’ve laid a trail of peanuts to entice any passing animals to enter and then loiter in the back garden! The white thing is a baking tray filled with soft sand (children’s sand from Argos) which will hopefully record the prints of anything that arrives.
I’ve deliberately tried to encourage any visiting mammals to follow the line of the house and enter the back garden proper via the gap between the shed and the house.
There are peanuts sprinkled over the lawn and some water placed in an old plastic pork chop tray beneath the bird table!
Here's hoping……Watch this space!

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