Monday, February 27, 2012

Red Squirrel nuts, Water Vole apples & Badger calling cards!

All 3 Red Squirrels were feeding in the Western Yar woodland earlier today. This is a bit of video footage of 'Scratch'. I was amazed how close he came to me. He enjoyed a few of the peanuts I'd placed around, but he also spent time digging up a few caches of acorns that he devoured with relish!
I couldn't resist this video-capture!
Apples are to Water Voles what chocolates are to me...a real treat! I attached this apple to a Water Vole latrine area with a six inch nail!! My first Isle of Wight Marsh Harrier flew over the marsh...I assume they eat unwary Water Voles?
A few hours later I came back to find this!! I can't guarantee that it was a Water Vole but there must be a good chance (though I only viewed it from the opposite bank and there are not any obvious toothscrapes)! I was wondering why I haven't found any well-used latrines on this stretch of water. As I sat watching the apple, I suddenly realised that it was gradually disappearing beneath the water:
*Light bulb moment* Ah...this stretch of the Western Yar is tidal and so all of the latrines close to the water must get washed clean a few times a day! The Water Voles must realise this so I need to look higher up the bank for signs. And, talking of latrines, I went into the back garden to find this first thing this morning:
Our local Badger had left a calling card! Thank goodness he didn't dig a hole to put it in!! :-)

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