Monday, February 20, 2012

Success!! Encouraging Foxes & Badgers into the back garden (Part 2).

I've been really encouraged by the initial results of my efforts to try to encourage our local Foxes and Badgers into the back garden (see below). This morning my sand tray looked like this:
There is a nice pair of front Badger feet, together with what looks like the prints of one of the small local cats.
These are the front feet - the distance of the claw tips in front of the toe pads gives an idea of just how long the claws are!
These are the prints of a Red Fox that visited the garden the first evening I tried this. The sand was too dry to make a good impression, so I dampened it to get the better results for the badger.
Last night's sharp frost has meant that it is fairly easy to see how the Badger has wandered around the garden in its heavy-footed plantigrade way.
This is one of the reasons why most people don't like to encourage Badgers into their gardens!! I've repaired the damage here and in a few other places....hopefully any further damage will remain at this low level for a while. The next stage is to attempt to get a photo or bit of video of our nocturnal visitors!


  1. Looks like it's time to invest in that Bushnell :-)

  2. How exciting! I only discovered your blog yesterday and already I am seeing the positive results of your efforts to encourage some interesting garden visitors. Well done!

  3. Thanks so much for the encouragement, ShySongbird...I'm sitting by the window as I write hoping the security light will go on! :-)

    David, I've been saving hard over the last few months, torn over whether to purchase some Longworth Mammal traps, a portable Heath moth trap, or else the Trailcam! None of these things are cheap! I'll probably go for the trail cam...what I really want to capture is Dormice! I've been looking for the e-mail you sent the model you use the 119435?

  4. Very nice indeed (although I am slightly jealous of anyone with badgers in their garden). Great use of the sand tray too. It's an under-used method - almost as good as a trailcam for confirming what's around, but maybe not as visually appealing.

    I look forward to seeing some pictures...

    All the best