Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Red Squirrel Ringworm?

This is a video-grab of 'Scratch' which shows the sore on the top of his head. In another dairy-farming life many moons ago I used to treat cattle infected with Ringworm, and I wonder if that might be what Scratch is suffering from. Ringworm is found in Red Squirrels though Jessica Holm, in her book, describes the symptoms as being characterized by crusty and flaking ears. ---------------------------------- Update: Helen Butler of the Wight Squirrel Project notes that Red Squirrels can get dermatitis, mites and also bumps & grazes. It would take close examination and a squab to determine what is causing this 'sore' area. I'm going to keep an eye on 'Scratch' to see how it progresses.

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