Wednesday, June 6, 2012


This male Chaffinch is singing away fairly close to the 'Tidemill' footpath at Yarmouth.

The best mnemonic that I've heard for this song is one for the followers of cricket. Imagine your favourite bowler running up to the crease and then letting fly. The flourish at the end of the song represents the actual bowl following the run-up. If nothing else it has brought a laugh when I have tried to demonstrate it visually during bird-song talks and walks in the past!

If you're not a lover of sport, you'll probably prefer William Allingham's description. In his poem, 'The Lover and the Birds' he describes this song in the words: 'Sweet, sweet, sweet. Pretty lovely, come and meet me here'!


  1. Beautiful. I'm only just tuning in to bird songs; will listen out for the 'Sweet, sweet, sweet...' Thanks for the tip.

  2. You won't regret learning to distinguish between the different birds - it's easier than many people think - especially using mnemonics - and it transforms a walk in the countryside!
    I met up with Rog & Lynn Powley a few days ago...really enjoyed learning more about the IOWs wildlife!
    Best wishes