Monday, June 18, 2012

Walter's Copse

This fledgling Jay was present at Walter's Copse during a quick visit first thing this morning.

I took the opportunity of getting a short piece of video, too!

I also came across my first Painted Lady butterfly of the year...I think that the underwing is even more beautifully patterned than topsides!

The uncommon Picture-wing Fly, Melieria picta, a notable species, is common here on the saltmarsh.

I think that this spider is Cyclosa conica, the second part of the name describing the conical-like tubercle. According to the book it's widespread but confined to dark, moist woodland, which fits with where I came across it!


  1. The Jay looks so sweet and didn't appear to be afraid of you.

    I like the under-wings of Painted Ladies too, though I have never seen one in the flesh, just pictures.

  2. Hi Stephen

    Good Jay pic! Jay is a bird that, so far, I have not managed to get an even half-decent photo of, so nice capture. :)

    And a belated welcome to the (sometimes) sunny Isle of Wight!


  3. Hi Toffeeapple - keep looking out for Painted Ladies. A few years ago we had an amazing Painted Lady explosion - it all begins in places like the Atlas Mountains in Northern Africa, then they head north with continuing generations getting further and further until they reach our shores - it's really amazing!
    Best wishes,

    1. Yes I remember it - not a single one was sighted by me!

  4. Hi Fay,
    Thanks for your welcome.....I told the people at my church that they had lured me here under false pretenses with all their promises about the warmth of the Isle of Wight....but they replied that they meant that it was themselves who had been warm! :-) We love it! I know what you mean about the Jays....there are plenty around but getting them to stay still is a challenge to say the least! :-)
    Best wishes,