Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Volucellas about

The Volucella hoverflies are amongst the most distinctive and eye-catching of our insect fauna, especially at this time of year. A few days ago 3 of the 5 species were present at Walter's Copse:

The sequence begins with a brief view of Volucella inflata. Then we have the striking Volucella pellucens, which lays its eggs in wasp nests and has been observed  just walking through the front door unmolested! The close up footage of it feeding reveals that it is after the sweet energy-rich nectar rather than the pollen. The sequence closes with a view of the red-tailed form of Volucella bombylans.


  1. I love these hoverfly videos - thanks. The red-tailed V. bombylans is a stunner of a bee mimic.

  2. Thanks, Rob - I'll keep putting them up because I love watching them, too! We're in Bedfordshire over the next few days.....wishing I was in the West Wight with my net!

  3. Stunning shots there. They fascinate me but I can never get to grips with the names. Coming back here you will need winter clothing - today we had stair-rod rain then sun then hailstones and now almost storm-force winds, I know this - I am in Bucks...